5 ways your auditor could make you money, instead of causing you headaches

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“We know we are adding value when we get clients to think about their business in a way they have never done before.”

Matt Neill, Director


Audits that work hard for your business

Although it's easy to pigeonhole audit as 'just' another statutory obligation - done correctly - we know they can provide a really important platform to help plan for the future. Our audit team won't just make sure your business is compliant - they'll actively identify opportunities too.

Efficient and insightful

Apart from fulfilling requirements imposed by law, our audit approach gives us a full insight into how your business is run because we spend time finding out about it and then plan our work to test the systems in place. We always work with your accounting staff to a pre-agreed timetable in order to ensure that the annual audit process is planned and conducted in a manner that minimises the disruption to your business, but still delivers the necessary level of rigour.

We also believe the audit is an ongoing process, not one that that should just focus on the year end. If there are issues that crop up during the year, we welcome the opportunity of discussing these with you so that solutions can be found.

Our process is designed to be effective in giving proactive feedback on your accounting and other in-house systems and in offering advice on how to improve procedures involved in your business.

We want to be active in promoting the success of our clients, and our highly trained audit specialists do this by providing a wide range of business advice, whether acting simply as a sounding board or assisting with projects.

Our services include:

  • Statutory and bespoke audit assignments
  • Assurance reports
  • Charity audits and Independent Examinations
  • Due diligence investigations into potential business acquisitions
  • Maximising the benefits of your financial management
  • Undertaking full systems reviews
  • Analysing a particular aspect of the business
  • Investigating fluctuations in cashflow, costs or revenues

Want to know more?

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