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Creaseys plans business exit strategy to fund multiple directors’ retirement

The Challenge

Having built a successful and profitable business, Graham and his fellow Directors of Stephens Maguire & Co in Sevenoaks, wanted to be confident that they could all successfully fund their retirement.

But, with each Director having different timelines and goals for their retirement, they all felt restricted with working towards one final outcome for the business, and uncertain if the business and their pensions could comfortably fund each of their retirement plans.

Our Work

The Creaseys team worked with the Shareholders to fully understand their Big Picture, ultimately framing solutions that were centred around their personal aspirations and goals.

This included selling a property owned by the company into their own pension funds, and then paying rent from the business into those pensions. 

Each year, the Creaseys team also structure remuneration planning for each of the shareholders. 

Achieving the Big Picture

As a result of the work Creaseys did and continue to do, each shareholder now has absolute clarity on how their retirement will be funded, and confidence that the business and their personal investments and pensions will be able to fund it. 

Moreover, the shareholders are no longer tied to one single exit or outcome for the business, so they can feel confident in pursuing their own individual goals. 


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“Dean has gone to great lengths to understand what our Big Picture is so that he and his team can deliver tailored, proactive advice. This has provided us with a fantastic opportunity to plan for our future in the best way and achieve our desired lifestyle. 

I value the way Dean approaches me and my team and the friendship that has developed with me, my fellow Directors and their partners.

I have already recommended Dean and Creaseys to a number of my contacts and will continue to do so when the opportunity arises.”

Graham Smith

Director – Stephens Maguire & Co Limited