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Creaseys helps business owner negotiate a sale price 3X more than expected

The Challenge

Having invested 25 years to build and grow a family-owned business, David Ward reached a very difficult decision to consider his exit. However, he was unsure how he would exit from his business, how much value he would get, and what his tax position would be.

Based on the company valuation, David received an offer which he felt was not a true representation of the value of his shares.

As a result, he was worried about how to critique the valuation presented by the company, the offer he received and how to frame his counter arguments to achieve a fair offer that reflected the 25 years he had invested in the company.

Our Work

Having fully understood the big picture and importance of this exit for David, the Creaseys team provided a full critique of the valuation, including points of negotiation and guidance for David to use in negotiating an improved deal from the company.

This assessment also provided David with the information he needed to challenge the credibility of the valuation.

Achieving the Big Picture

As a result of the insights provided by Creaseys, David had the confidence and clarity he needed to negotiate a sale price that was three times more than he was originally offered.

With the continued support of Creaseys, David has since gone on to establish his own security firm and invest in several others.

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"I was uncertain how to navigate my exit from a business I had worked for 25 years to build; thanks to their thorough valuation of my shares and assertiveness during negotiations, Creaseys helped me negotiate a deal price three times higher than I was originally offered.

I am extremely grateful for the way Creaseys managed the sale of my shares and looked after me during what was an extremely traumatic time. They are so much more than just the numbers – it is the way they take an interest and engage with me that is the real value."

David Ward Associates